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Chemical Resistance

Multiwall Polycarbonate sheet has been successfully used in combination with many building materials and glazing compounds. Taking into account the complexity of chemical compatibility, all chemicals which come into contact with polycarbonate should always be tested. For sheet products, the most common materials are sealants, gaskets and various cleaning media. Chemical compatibility testing is an ongoing process at Polygal Inc and many standard products have already been tested. A complete list of recommended cleaners, gaskets and sealants is available, however, a shortened list of some of the more common compounds is outlined in these sections.

When using glazing compounds it is essential that the sealant system accepts a certain amount of movement, to allow for thermal expansion, without loss of adhesion to the frame or sheet. Silicone sealants are generally recommended for use with Multiwall PC sheet, see Figure 22, but it is strongly advised to check sealing compound compatibility before use.

Figure 22

Recommended Sealants, Gaskets and Tapes
TypeManufacturerProduct Names
SiliconeGeneral Electric Company
Waterford, NY
(800) 255-8886
Ultrapruf  Sealant

General Electric Company
Waterford, NY
(800) 255-8886

Silpruf ®Sealant
SiliconeGeneral Electric Company
Waterford, NY
(800) 255-8886
1200® Sealant
SiliconeGeneral Electric Company
Waterford, NY
(800) 255-8886
1000 ®Sealant
Gasket/TapeNorton Company
Granville, NY
(800) 724-0883
  • NORRENE* Foam
  • V-2100 Urethane Series
Columbus, OH
(800) 321-6357
  • Silicone (70 Durometer
  • EPDM (60,70 Durometer
Columbus, OH
(800) 321-6357
440 Tape
Butyl TapePTI
Dayton, OH
(800) 543-7570
303, 606
Butyl TapeSchnee-Morehead
Irving, TX
(214) 438-9111
Isocryl 5600 Series
Mesh Tape
DRG Sellotape
Utrecht, Holland
030-44 33 44
Sellotape BV
Vent Tape
Vent Tape3M
Minneapolis, MN
(612) 733-1110
Tape 394,3294
Vent TapeITP
Annapolis, MD
(410) 757-5040
AD 3429
*Registered trademark of Norton Company

Compatible Neoprene, EPT or EPDM rubbers with an approximate Shore Hardness of the A65 are generally acceptable and compatibility reports for different rubber types are available upon request.

In case of doubt about any aspect of the chemical compatibility, ask!


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