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Pre-Installation/Sealing Guidelines

Multiwall Polycarbonate & Acrylic sheet sheet should be mounted with the ribs running downwards to assist in condensation water drainage. Algae growth, in the form of a green deposit inside the sheet channels will grow if the sheet is not prepared properly before installation.  Condensation inside the channels due to particular temperature conditions, combined with dirt, algae spores, and sun light will support algae growth. Steps to limit condensation and prevent algae formation are discussed in more detail in section: Sealing Techniques.

The tape delivered on Multiwall sheet is for protection only and is not an impermeable sealing/installation tape. This tape should be replaced prior to installation with a tape as described in section: Sealing Techniques. Before installation, remove approximately 2 inches of the masking from all sheet edges. Only remove the remaining masking when the installation is complete.

Glazing with Multiwall PC sheet should be considered a finishing operation and seen as the final step in the completion of an application.

Sealing Techniques
One of the most important aspects of installations is edge sealing, particularly the open-ended channels. Since moisture build-up and dust contamination inside the channels can be a major problem. There are several techniques that can be adopted to significantly reduce contamination, the choice depending largely on the prevailing environmental conditions.

Basic Requirements Sealing Tapes are available from MJK Multiwall Systems, LLC.

Sealing Guidelines
The following guide-lines are recommended to minimize sealing and contamination problems:

  • Ensure that all sheet edges shall be smooth and rounded before applying the tape.
  • All channels shall be blown free of dust before sealing.
  • Ensure tape is completely covered by glazing profiles, flashings, end closures, etc. No tape should be left exposed when installation is complete.
  • Replace any damaged tape before final installation.

Sealing Recommendation
Seal lower end with vented tape and the upper end with impermeable tape.
Recommended for use in all applications:

  • Extremely dusty environments (sawmills - welding stations etc)
  • Low humidity/dry conditions (shopping centers - warehouses etc)
  • No interior/exterior temperature difference (football stadiums - metro/railway station roofing).

Fig. 27 Impermeable tape on one side, vented tape on the other.


  • Remarks
    Taping properly will prevent algae spore, dust and insect penetration.
  • Will diminish water build-up in channels by condensation.
  • Will virtually eliminate risk of algae growth.

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