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Sheet Thickness Criteria and Table Interpretation

Support Conditions
Note: Regardless of the support configuration selected, the sheet should always be installed so that the rib structure channels are sloping downwards. Sheet "width" is the dimension perpendicular to the rib structure, "length" the dimension parallel.

Safety Factor
The tables indicate the maximum allowable sheet at a specified loading which results into an acceptable sheet deflection behavior while minimizing the RISK of the sheet buckling (negative load) or pop-out effect calculated with a safety factor of 1.5.

N.B. The values indicated in sheet manufacturer tables are generally applicable for a Multiwall sheet edge engagement in the glazing frame of at least .75 inches.

Fig. 39

General Comments
For sloped glazing applications a minimum slope of 10 (2 in/1 ft sheet length) is advised to allow for rainwater drainage. See each multiwall sheets manufacturer's load data for precise information.

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