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Pre-Installation/Sealing Techniques

General Standard Glazing Conditions

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Top end channels should be sealed with an impermeable tape and bottom end channels sealed with a perforated filter tape.

Additional 'U' profile covering perforated bottom tape, or distance holders between venting holes to facilitate condensation drainage. See fig. 31 and 32.

  • Integrated filter which minimizes dust/insect penetration.
  • Condensation water drainage possibility.
  • Ventilation into channels helping to prevent excessive condensation.
  • Clearance between bottom sheet edge and the sash platform necessary to allow for condensation drainage.

Fig. 28

Fig. 29

At semicircular barrel vaults both channel ends should be sealed with perforated filter tape.

Fig. 30

Care should be taken to provide a clearance between both sheet edges and sash platform to allow for condensation drainage. See fig. 31 and 32.

Fig. 31

Fig. 32

Sheet Edge Clamping and Conditions
The following recommendations apply to installation involving flat glazing, i.e. vertical, horizontal or inclined, and curved glazing. It is extremely important when installing Multiwall PC sheet that the edges are correctly clamped, whether the application involves wet or dry glazing conditions.

A cover plate, or glazing bead, with rubber gaskets or silicone sealant, can hold the sheet in-place and create a water-tight seal. In both cases there must be sufficient clearance to allow for thermal expansion of the sheet. It is also important that the edge of the sheet be engaged for a minimum of 3/4" into the glazing frame with at least one rib located in the clamping area.

  See the details on or on for state-of- the-art detailing information. CAD drawings are available from the Twinfix UK site.


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