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Multiwall Systems

                                        Fabrication, Manufacturing, Purchasing


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Millenium Dome - Multilink

Reagan Building

Washington DC

24 years Young

Swarthmore PA

Field House


    Ordering From Multiwall Systems

 We do all transactions, consulting, and quoting directly with our customers

Select Gauge and Color - 

 Sheet Pricing, Quick Technical Data   &   Systems Pricing   & Call us for Help - 610-449-2950

Selecting System and Accessories

Mega Lock 6-16 System  6-36 System ECP & HCP Polycarbonate System

MJK Component System - For All Gauges -Sold individually

Calling for assistance and quote


$750.00 Minimum Order - Not including Freight & Crate

Under Construction


Multilink Fabrication



Multilink Fabrication Services

Call 610-449-2950

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  • On the Twinfix site front page click on Multilink Photo
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 The Multi-link Panel Patented NF safe day lighting system conforms to the ACR[M]001-2000 Test for fragility of roofing assemblies for: Class B minimal damage from multiple impacts - representing a human falling incident on a roof surface. This is an application defined in Europe as one that "is safe to walk or to fall" upon.

By license Only

US Patent; 6,430,893 B1 August 13, 2002


Multilink Solutions


    Aluminum and polycarbonate glazing systems can be purchased as "stick" stock lengths and fabricated using common tools. Projects on this website include those fabricated by professionals and do-it-yourselfers alike. Systems are available for Polycarbonate Multiwall Glazing materials in gauges ranging from 6mm to 42mm.


Multilink Fabrication & Installation Instructions

Multilink Deflection Data

Multilink Short Form Specifications

Multilink Brochure

Fabrication Services Call    610-659-1647


 The Multilink & Twinfix systems can be prefabricated off site for quick installation - saving time and money.


    MJK Multiwall Systems, LLC offers our customers unique and complete project fulfillment services.

We have thorough specification, fabrication, and application experience with both glazing systems and plastic glazing materials offered in North America and Europe. We offer:

  • Sales of Sheet, Systems, Accessories, Fabrication.

  • Advice & Consultation for all Polycarbonate and Acrylic Multiwall & Compact Sheet Products

  • Contact with fully trained and experienced people

  • Systems, fabrication, Cad Cam, Engineer on staff of affiliated companies.


  • Project Management

  • Design, Development & Fabrication of Quality glazing systems

  • Assistance with budget preparation

  • Presentation, seminar, and training programs: Custom Power Point Presentations





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