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Multiwall Systems®

Technical Information

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    Technical Information - Learning the Basics

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Chemical Resistance & Compatibility

Cleaning Guidelines

Cold Curved Glazing

Sheet Thickness


Thermal Properties


Physical Properties

Sheet Glazing

General Guideline

Glazing Techniques



Wind & Loading

Drawings of traditional systems (click here) dating back to 1984 are also provided to clarify techniques and  train the user. See the similarities between the 226

Bar system and UGS 16-6.





See Tables Below

Flashband List Pricing



Remove Grease, loose debris and visible moisture

Apply Polaprime 2 if required

Unroll and cut length as required then remove release paper

Position and press into place

Using a roller, smooth Flashband to ensure good overall contact

Polaprime 2® is a water based single component Acrylic Primer designed for porous masonry and coal tar or asphalt surfaces

Flashband is Compatible for use with Polycarbonate Multiwall Sheet and Systems

New Project using Triple Wall Polycarbonate Multiwall Sheet  - Saves  $2.15 SQ/Ft per year in Energy Costs

Features Triple Clip® and Flashband used for Eaves, Ridge, and Gable Ends


Adobe Documents/ECP Polycarbonate System 2010.pdf





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